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Minimal hourly rate: 90€

Core skills:
Product designer / DevOps Engineer / Testtool development engineer / Quality Annalist and Confluence & JIRA Expert

Particularly interested in improving and implementing agile development processes. Also interested in enterprise applications using JAVA webservices and Angular front-end.

Agile system development, SCRUM/Aglie, DevOPS, Test engineering, troubleshooting, tailored system design, MySQL, Confluence, Jira, HPQC/ALM, Test automation, Test Tooling, Selenium IDE, Selenium webdriver, QTP/UFT and UFT Mobile, Angular development, Protractor framework and extensive mobile device knowledge





– now (1 maand)Siofok

Devops engineer (Test automation)

ING Nederland

– now (2 jaar 3 maanden)Amsterdam en omgeving, Nederland

As of may 2015:
Working with squads and tribes (agile development scaling method from Spotify) within a squad with the purpose “Finding and findability”.

As major projects we develop and maintain:
– The “Google Search Appliance” for
– The “ATM and office locator”:

In the new organisation my extra responsibilities are:
– Creating user stories
– Configuring the Tridion (CMS) changes for new releases
– Administering the Google Search Appliance

Until may 2015:

Hired as freelancer to support the devops team for that is responsible for developing and maintaining:

– Facebook widget
– Youtube widget
– Twitter widget
– LinkedIn widget
– Flickr widget
– Slideshare widget
– Offices and ATM locator


– Setup testframework with Selenium webdriver, Protractor and SoapUI
– Setup Docker testcontainers
– Design testcases using exploratory test techniques
– Automate acceptance testcases
– Administering the Jira project for our team


AMC Technology

– now (5 jaar 8 maanden)Utrecht en omgeving, Nederland

Cloud-server hardware development, IT-infrastructure software development, hosting and network entertainment systems.

Test Automation Engineer


(5 maanden)Zeist

Hired as freelancer to support one of the scrum teams in the Delta Plan Online program. The project I’m working on is to realize one new mobile banking app for every browser platform.

– Design and implement test automation strategy
– Automate testcases with UFT/QTP and UFT Mobile
– Testing web application
– Testing mobile app

System Developer

Kharma international

(5 maanden)Breda en omgeving, Nederland

Hired as freelancer to design and coördinate the development of the web-application for multi-room media.

Test / Test automation engineer


(3 maanden)Utrecht en omgeving, Nederland

Hired as freelance test engineer for the Ziggo PotaOne project

Resposible for E2E chaintest, SIT and RT in this project.
Tools used in this project:
– SoapUI
– Jira


Rabobank International

(6 maanden)Utrecht en omgeving, Nederland

Hired as Freelancer:

– Develop test automation framework (Selenium,TSD)
– Develop changes and administer defect management tool (HPQC/ALM)
– Implement new testautomation interfaces
– Designed and implemented test automation dashboard with Jira

Tester / Test Automation


(1 jaar 8 maanden)Apeldoorn en omgeving, Nederland

– Develop test automation framework (QTP)
– Setting up/maintaining regression scripts with Selenium IDE
– Running (automated) regression scripts on the daily build
– Re-testing the solved bugs
– Assisting in setting up the automated test server (WatiN/Specflow)
– Improving the quality process

Quality Analist

Improve Quality Services

(2 jaar 1 maand)

Seconded as test specialist at various clients for temporary assignments:

– Informaat (BDS Project)
– Achmea (BDS Project)

For more info, see positions below

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Quality Analist


(6 maanden)Baarn

I was partly responsible for managing the Quality proces of this project and functioning as an agile system tester in one of the various development teams.

(Open)1 aanbeveling:
  • Ron Jonk
    Ron Jonk
    User Interface Engineer at Informaat

    Daniel is a tester with great skills. I’ve seen many testers that only test what has been ordered them to do. This is great when all specs are 100% accurate and complete and when we work at NASA or so. But in projects were documentation is not…Weergeven


Regas B.V.

(2 jaar 11 maanden)

– Responsible for setting up the test process
– Execute ST, FAT, RT for all development projects
– Setting up/Maintaining the test environment
– Designing/implementing the test tools (Jira/Selenium)
– Designing/implementing the incident management tool (Jira)
– Designing/implementing the company’s collaboration tool (Confluence)
– Assisting in database migrations
– Coordinating/testing of the new releases of the various projects

(Open)1 cursus

Technical Support Representative


(1 jaar 7 maanden)

After some side jobs and short projects in IT, this was my first permanent job. At Dell, I have learned the importance of customer satisfaction and I grew a lot from someone with a lot of IT knowledge to a real IT Professional. Reaching your targets, was crucial for your career at Dell. Although this could be very difficult sometimes, it is partly responsible for the fact everything I do, I do it with 100% dedication