Joined Companies

AMC Technology, our IT partners in The Netherlands they will deliver the IT professionals and services that are needed for the project.
Dutch Delights imports dutch specialties, combined with the local Hungarian delicacies they will produce some unique and delightful products.
Buda2Bala, the main organisation who’s focus will be to arrange events, organize holiday trips and provide accomodation for our guests.
Cocktails Unlimited will bring a unique environment with the latest technology to the Siofok area where our guests can enjoy high standard cocktails, special beers, unique wines and delicious bites while enjoying the finest music in the world.

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Our mission

In short: To transform siofok into the best, most wanted summer holiday destination in the world!

We believe Siofok has great potential to become the most popular holiday destination in the world. The main reasons we believe in our mission are:

  • The sunny climate
  • Lake Balaton
  • The Balaton Sound festival
  • Our Ducth products (cheeses, snacks, dj’s, and more..)
  • Our Dutch technolgy influence

And last but not least:

  • The friendly and fun-loving people of Hungary

Project Siofok

The fundament of our project will be the IT-infrastucture and services that we offer to the local industry. We provide a network for services that are available in the Siofok-area in the forms of websites, apps and Google services registrations. Also we will assist the companies that join our project in website, app and loyalty program development in order to increase their business and make every visitors holiday a better experience.

Next to that we will open two clubs that will raise the standards of entertainment in the area as well as being a platform to bring ou Dutch products to the Hungarian market.
We will import various famous Dutch cheeses to delight the visitors of Siofok.
We bring our friends Piet Patat, Kees Kroket and Fred Frikadel to make the fried snacks for our guests.
In the evenings we will organize barbeque/foodtruck festivals accompanied by perfomances of various artists (live music, dance perfomances, theatre and live dj’s).

Our long-term development plan consists of setting up a incubators platform to attract young talent from all over the world who will help this area to become a entertainment driven capital.
This will boost the development of Hungary and give the local people the opportunity to raise their chances on the market, which we believe is always a good thing.

Green Technology

Our vision on the world of tomorrow is that every company has the duty to think about the environment with all activities they have. Because of this we will reduce our carbon footprint in the bar and all our other activities as much as possible. Think about solar and wind energy systems to provide all electricity for our companies, smart solar screens that will use the blocked sunlight to power air conditioning systems and heat water, and many more green initiatives.
At the moment of writing we are investigating the possibilities of financing via European funding project, kickstarter and pivate funding.
Before the end of 2016 we will finalize our plans and start developing the needed technologies.